this We are glad you are here. You have made the decision to begin a Journey. A lifetime of questions may be answered at your journey’s end. You are an adoptee. You love your family and they love you, however, you are still an adoptee. You have a history separate from them. Empty spots. You desire to know “the rest of the story.”

The Search Roadmap provides a step by step guide for your research. The Information Fact Sheet provides the outline for recording your findings. The Roadmap allows you to proceed at your own pace.


The tutorial and the large number of linked databases provide additional resources for your research. When you have located your birth family and are ready to make an attempt at contact, the letter templates make knowing what to say a little easier.

This is perfect for both adoptees and lineal descendants of deceased adoptees.

There are two options for level of support with the adoption search roadmap

1.  The adoption search roadmap with support  if you would like personalconsulation support during your search, this option provides three consultation phone calls and three months of email support with me. 

A great value at $250


2. The adoption search roadmap only is for those who feel they are able to complete the search on their own and are looking for the links and templates only, this option is for you. A great value at $150

Following purchase, you will receive a PDF Download which contains the Search Roadmap Course.

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