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Adoptees search for many reasons.

Many are looking for an updated medical history or biological answers. Still others search out of curiosity and the hope that they might answer many of the questions that have always swirled around in their head. But the overwhelming reason an adoptee searches is so they can say “Thank You” to their birth parent. There is a need to let the birthparent know that they are alive and well and appreciative of the benefits being adopted has provided them. There is the understanding that they were placed for adoption not because the birth parent didn’t love them or care but because the birth parent loved them SO much that they chose adoption.

There is the hope that they can offer their friendship to the birth parent and invite the birth parent to know them and share in the joy of their life.

Most people grow up with the stories surrounding their birth and first few weeks of life. But as an adoptee, no matter how much you love and are loved by your adoptive family, you are still an adoptee and your “story” began before you were brought home by those loving parents. Many adoptees want to know the “rest of the story.”

Searching for the birth parent is a way to answer many of the lifelong questions as well as helping the adoptee feel they have made the attempt to put the birth parent’s mind at ease. There is no intention of intruding or disrupting the birth parent’s life.


My name is Laura Long and I am a reunited adoptee. My search journey began over 25 years ago and I have experienced a wonderful reunion with my birth family.  My goal is to help others search with success for their birth families and feel supported along the way.  

If you are looking for a community of other adoptees in a private and safe setting, join us in the Adoptee Search and Reunion Support Community on Facebook. 

If you have obtained the identifying information your birth parents and are wanting to do the search yourself but would like a blueprint of how to proceed, I offer The Search Roadmap for download. 

If you are looking for a more invested community of adoptees and descendants, learning more about the adoption and search aspects as you are in the midst of a search or after your search is over, you are invited to join The Adoption Search Connection Membership.

We explore the many experiences and enjoy comradery with other adoptees.  You are not alone.  We all have a great story to tell and our experience may be of benefit to someone else. 

 The Adoption Search and Reunion Support Community on Facebook

It is a private group where we support each other in our search and reunion journeys. Everyone has a unique story and experience.  It is great to hear from others who understand the unique perspective of being an adoptee or their lineal descendant. 

The Adoption Search Roadmap

If you wish more indepth help in a step by step format, this self directed search roadmap will help you navigate the research process. The Roadmap provides a proven strategy with the most helpful information databases online and strategies for gathering information. 

The Search Roadmap is available as a PDF download for use at your own pace. It includes the Information Fact Sheet form for download, three consultation calls and three months of email support.

We also highly encourage you to join             The Adoption Search Connection Membership and the Adoptee Search and Reunion Support Community which will link you with helpful articles regarding search and a whole community of adoptees or their descendants who really understand what you are going through.

The Adoption Search Connection Membership

When you join the Membership, you will receive access to monthly articles, conversation topics and reflections relating to the search and reunion process. You also receive free access to the Information Fact Sheet for download.
I am a reunited adoptee and understand the idea of having two identities and realities. The ability to meld each of these regardless of search outcome provides our inner identities.
No matter how much we love and are loved by our families, we are still adoptees with a history “before” our adoptions. We can embrace it. It is what makes us who we are and is part of our story.
It is a wonderful story!

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